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AdvanceForce is a member of the AdvanceNet Group and a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner of in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are your single point of contact in South Africa for Salesforce CRM.  A totally customer focused business with a proud track record of very successful Salesforce CRM implementations and custom developed Salesforce applications and systems integrations.   Our extensive experience combined with our unique implementation approach is the key reason for our CRM successes and the very high user adoption rates that our Salesforce customers enjoy.

As a ISV, we build custom cloud computing applications on the cloud development platform using agile development principles. We also represent a number of industry specific and general business solutions from application providers on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

In the News

Marc Benioff Wins The Crunchie Award For CEO Of The Year

6th February 2015

Marc Benioff, CEO of, had a whirlwind 2014 both professionally and personally and he’s capping it off with the Crunchie award for CEO of the Year. He made a $100 million donation to the UCSF Medical Center last year to help it build a new hospital. This personal donation, however, paled next to the operating results of Salesforce, which helped to pioneer the software-as-a-service business model. The firm’s revenues have continuously expanded.

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How Salesforce, Crowdsourcing, and Enterprise App Dev Are Changing The Face of Connected Health

4th February 2015

The face of medicine changes daily before us, with an ongoing shift in power from caregivers to patients. For hospitals and other facilities, this requires cloud-based solutions that allow the patient to participate in and monitor his own treatment.

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Salesforce: Innovate around customers, not companies

2nd February 2015

The Chief Strategy Officer of shares ideas and lessons that digital marketers need to know today. For many companies, digital marketing has become the new standard, a shift that perhaps brings confusion and consternation to some traditional marketers.

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Salesforce reveals Wave, its big, bad analytics cloud

16th October 2014

Today, Salesforce is taking the wraps off a major new cloud-based application called wave. It lets businesspeople easily explore and visualize the data their companies keep inside Salesforce and several other sources.

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CRM & Collaboration

Take your business success to a whole new level

Enjoy the benefits of the most complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the world. Weaving a social context into your business is quickly becoming a prerequisite for success. It’s time to transform your business for the new social reality. It’s time to delight your customers by connecting and collaborating with them – and with your employees – in new and powerful ways. Join more than 100,000 companies relying on Salesforce, a dynamic, low-cost, cloud based Social Customer Relationship Solution.  Avoid the hassle of software and hardware, cumbersome upgrades and tedious training and retraining. A world where everything is always maintained and updated in the Cloud to accommodate your changing needs.

Sales Cloud

Boost your sales with the world’s #1 sales and CRM application. Close bigger deals faster and connect with customers on any device.

Service Cloud

Provide great service, increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity and lower overall cost of service with the leading contact centre solution.


Real time employee and customer collaboration with the trusted business social network.  Join the conversation in context—from anywhere.

Work together with a social HR application for a results-driven culture, social goals, real-time feedback, open recognition, and easy coaching.

Fresher, more-accurate B2B data to pump insight right into Salesforce CRM. A foundation for success—the DNA of a winning business.

IT & Development

The fastest way to customise Salesforce, build cloud applications and websites

Enterprise application development with traditional software has always proved complex, slow, and expensive. But in the last decade the new cloud model has emerged to address these problems. Applications that run in the cloud are delivered as a service. As a result, companies are yielding considerable time and cost saving advantages. No longer do they have to buy and maintain hardware and software to run their applications. Nor do they have to spend on huge IT teams to manage and maintain complicated deployments. The open infrastructure enables everyone to use it for custom application development. With you can build any business application and run it on our servers. Platform

Build and run innovative apps and websites on the leading Salesforce cloud platform – foundation for amazing apps you never thought possible.


Connect all your apps, all your devices and all your customer data with one Customer Platform designed for the new hyper-connected world of customers.

An enterprise cloud database. The most productive, powerful and scalable cloud database for building social and mobile applications


A robust, scalable, and fast development cloud platform for building, deploying, and running cloud apps using Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala.


Delivers identity and access management services for all your enterprise cloud and mobile apps with the simplicity, transparency, and trust.


Remedyforce is a joint solution from BMC, the leader in IT management, and, the leader in enterprise cloud computing.