Top Trends for the World's #1 CRM Platform: A Report by Accenture
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Top Trends for the World's #1 CRM Platform: A Report by Accenture

By John Wookey



Every industry is facing major disruptions driven by technology, changing competitive landscapes, and increasing customer demands. The most profound change is the customer. Companies have always competed on the quality of their goods and services. Now, they are competing on their ability to engage with customers. A company’s ability to meet a customer’s expectation for a smarter, more connected experience is going to define success in the new digital economy.  I’m excited to share this new Technology Vision report by Accenture which highlights three top trends around its “Technology for the People” theme and how Salesforce can help you address them and speed your journey to becoming a customer company. 

AI as the new UI.

Your data - customer, inventory, orders, service, and more - is the foundation of your Intelligent enterprise.  As Accenture explains, AI builds on your data to offer new and actionable insights for customer engagement.  Salesforce Einstein leverages your critical and extensive customer data to deliver insights supporting more personalized sales, service, and marketing experiences. 

A platform for success.

Take charge of your digital revolution. Listen to your customers. Understand your intelligent enterprise.  As Accenture suggests, companies can drive the digital disruption to their advantage by embracing the “Platform Revolution” and the associated ecosystem.  With 18 years of innovation, the Salesforce platform is the leading aPaaS (Gartner) and allows companies to extend the power of our CRM to any part of your organization - with apps, customizations, and extensive integrations.  Build an intelligent enterprise and a customer-focused ecosystem with the Salesforce platform.   

Design for humans.

It is the age of the customer powered by digital experiences.  As Accenture shares, “Design for Humans” is at the center of partnering with your customers to serve them better.  You can tailor your customers’ interactions based on their individual preferences, order history, and more.  And you can take it further with Salesforce’s new Lightning user experience for all Salesforce and custom apps, allowing you to unlock great experiences for your employees, customers, and partners.   

Become an intelligent enterprise utilizing all your data, AI, and the platform ecosystem to transform your customer experience -- your company --  your industry.  Now is the time.  

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