How to Keep Customers Happy in the Subscription Age

By Miguel Milano

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Do you have a mobile phone, or cable or satellite TV? Do you stream music? Well, chances are, you’re familiar with a subscription-based purchasing model. And you’re not alone; billions of consumers worldwide are subscription customers.

In the business-to-business world, too, the subscription-based, or on-demand model, is increasingly common. In this environment, software is the most common example. Organisations often get software, such as accounting or customer relationship management systems, via subscription rather than purchasing a fixed number of licences. This enables them to work more flexibly, and ensures the very best ROI on their tech spend. 

However, this new model can pose certain challenges when it comes to customer engagement as customers have less and less need to interact with sales staff. At the same time, subscription-based models require businesses to interact with customers more regularly in order to keep them buying.

6 Secrets of Setting Sales KPIs to Help Your Business Grow

By Salesforce UK

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As a business ‘maximising growth’ sounds like an obvious and sensible goal. But when you think about it, ‘growth’ is actually a big and rather vague ask to lay on your sales team. Your best chance of motivating your people to deliver on that overarching goal is to break it down into smaller, more specific sales metrics or KPIs. 

5 Proven Methods for Driving Sales Excellence in Your Organisation

By Bertil Chappuis

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I’ve been with McKinsey for 20 years, and sales excellence is a huge topic for our clients. If you think about it, a lot of companies spend somewhere between 5% to 15% of revenue on sales. The way you deploy and use that investmentmakes a huge difference on both top-line growth and bottom-line performance. Getting it right is super important. 

Based on the work we’ve done with clients, plus our own internal research over the past five years, we’ve really tried to get to the heart of how organisations can successfully drive sales excellence. 

New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Innovations Empower EMEA Marketers to Create 1-to-1 Customer Journeys

By Paul Smith

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There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer. Cloud, social, mobile, IoT and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming the customer experience, and  companies across EMEA—from AEGON UK, Mahou San Miguel to Secret Escapes—are delivering seamless, personalised 1-to-1 customer journeys and seeing increased loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. To support the growth and success of our customers across EMEA, Salesforce is announcing new innovations for marketers as well as the opening of a new Marketing Cloud data centre in the second half of 2016.

Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

By Merinda Peppard

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When it comes to marketing, B2Bs face unique challenges. What methods do you use to grow your customer base? What about developing those critical customer relationships? What about budget, and headcount? One solution to these and other problems, is marketing automation. 

The 2016 State of Marketing Reportsurveyed over 400 B2B marketing leaders and identified the top challenges they faced in managing their marketing strategy. The top five: budget constraints, quality of leads, keeping pace with customers, new business development and customer acquisition are all areas where marketing automation shines. So how does it help?