How Salesforce keeps its release mojo by making everyone a product designer

By Joe Mckendrick

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Behind the scenes at Salesforce, it's all about agile approaches -- that is, everyone working in tandem on multiple iterations on improvements and new releases. Over the years, the organization has learned to accelerate and heighten the scale needed to design and push out a constant blizzard of product iterations, suitable for immediate consumption by some four million customers.

Expectations Are Rising. Can Your Customer Experience Keep Up?

By Nalina Athyantha

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In today’s connected world, managing customers and creating new, positive experiences is a challenge for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Successful companies understand that an initial sale is only the beginning of the customer relationship. 

Like all of us, I am a consumer. Working at a customer focused company has made me hyper aware of brands who do (and do not!) provide positive customer experiences.

5 Steps to Reversing your Salesforce Training Fortune

By Amanda McDonnald

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“CRM projects fail for a variety of reasons. In the North American market, a recent study estimates that over half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives.” –CRMsolution.com. This stunningly high failure rate can be largely attributed to inefficient+ or non-existent training programs.

So you’ve taken on a great new hire. They are resourceful, qualified, and eager to take part in your enterprise.

You’ve also found the perfect partner – Salesforce CRM. Naturally, you can’t wait them to begin ‘collaborating’, but you must ensure that your new employee knows how to work with the software.  It can be a real catch 22 to strike the balance between comprehensive training and timely adoption, full of tradeoffs and unsatisfactory compromises. Here are five tactics to effectively and quickly onboard new employees to Salesforce.


"The Three Rs": Indicators of a Winning Digital Customer Experience Strategy

By Caitlin Hempstead

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Engineering a successful digital customer experience strategy is indisputably one of the best ways to differentiate your company from competitors. In fact, research shows that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

But after pouring valuable resources into developing and implementing a cohesive CX strategy, how do you measure the ROI? That is, how can you gauge whether or not the changes are actually adding value to your company?

In the past, the value of an interaction with a customer was limited to the exchange of their money for your product or service. That no longer holds true. In fact, when you provide an exceptional customer experience, you actually obtain more value from your customers after the point of sale. The following “Three Rs” indicate post-sale value, and they directly reflect the success of your CX model.


How Salesforce’s Quip Acquisition Kills the PDF

By Matt Macinnis

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Salesforce’s acquisition of Quip might look like a battle over office productivity tools. To the layperson, it’s the Wordperfect-Wordstar-Word war played over again in the cloud. But Salesforce didn’t pay $750M to bring a knife to a gunfight. This isn’t about office collaboration. It’s about the future of content in the enterprise writ large.

In the short term, to be sure, office collaboration will matter to Salesforce. Microsoft and Google have dominated the space with Office 365 and Google Docs; Box and Dropbox have offered their Notes and Paper products. Salesforce has had its face pressed up against the glass for some time, and Quip was their ticket in.