Latest Salesforce acquisition focuses on smart analytics

By Jesse Scardina

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The latest Salesforce acquisition of BeyondCore Inc. continues the cloud CRM provider's buying spree, marking the company's fifth purchase in the past couple months.

BeyondCore, already available in the Salesforce AppExchange, is designed to provide insight from multiple data sources and predict events and outcomes it gathers from your data. The business intelligence company is in line with several other artificial intelligence (AI) companies Salesforce has recently purchased, including MetaMind and Implisit.


Why You Shouldn't Replace Your Sales Reps with Robots


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According to a study by Bank of America, robots are likely to be performing 45% of manufacturing tasks by 2025. Meanwhile, Oxford University predicts that nearly half of all U.S. jobs will be at high risk of being lost to computers. Not to mention that according to Time, Lyft and General Motors plan to offer driverless car services in approximately one year.

These dire predictions can be troubling for the American worker, but perhaps less so for sales professionals who have become accustomed to hearing warnings about their job security for over a century. In 1916, The New York Times published an article that posed the question, “Are salesmen needless?” — the article included a marketing expert’s explanation for why societal changes would render the door-to-door salesman obsolete: “Advertising is producing better results than the old method of personal solicitation.”

Fears also rose over technology stealing sales jobs following the advent of both the phone and internet. Then, last year, Forrester Research predicted that 1 million B2B salespeople will become obsolete by 2020, lost to e-commerce. Yet, as the CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, I have seen firsthand that a growing number of world-class companies are seeking to hire top-performing B2B salespeople, especially in the last five years.

How to Hit Your Quota and Do It the Right Way

By Tony Rodoni

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A few years ago, I met a CEO who shared his company’s unique approach to performance reviews. When managers sit down with employees, they only ask two questions: Did you get your job done? Did you do it right?

I think this concept translates beautifully to sales, because it can really help articulate where each individual seller is at various parts of his or her career. This article dives into this model and the different tactics salespeople should take based on where they sit on the matrix. I hope it helps you think about how you manage yourself as a seller and the skills you need to work on to improve.


Attention Salespeople: How You Introduce Yourself Matters

John Barrows

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In today’s world, we have literally seconds to get people’s attention, which is why the first few words that come out of our mouths on a call, or the subject and first lines in an email, can make all the difference for whether or not people engage with us.

Think about it — when you look at emails on your mobile phone, you look at the name of the person. And if you don’t recognize the name, you look at the subject line. And if the subject line doesn’t capture your attention, you delete the message or move on. If you get a call from an autodialer and realize you’ll have to say hello twice because of the slight pause before the rep starts talking, I guarantee you’ll hang up after your first hello.

Are You Missing This Powerful Selling Skill?


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Sales organizations invest thousands of dollars in sales training every year. They offer such programs as lead generation, asking effective questions, negotiation, and account management.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to training. The good news is that the company is investing in its sales team’s professional development. The bad news is that most sales training programs don’t teach an important skill for influencing people: empathy.

Empathy is an emotional intelligence skill, defined as the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. It’s the ability to know what another person is thinking or feeling. A salesperson lacking empathy can’t influence others, and prospects don’t buy from salespeople who don’t understand them.

So what can salespeople do to learn this powerful selling skill? It’s fairly simple. But as we all know, simple doesn’t mean it’s always simple to do.