5 Ways Companies Can Build Trust While Implementing Health and Safety Practices During COVID-19

By Lindsey Finch

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Overnight, our expectations for our relationships with our employers and companies we work with have evolved. Today, we ask new questions of organizations like, “can I trust this company?” as an employee, customer, and citizen to protect my safety and the safety of others? In normal circumstances, most people are unaccustomed to proactively sharing health information, especially with our workplaces, local communities, or with businesses we engage with. Yet, with a global pandemic in focus, the calculus can change. In fact, a recent survey indicated 89% of Americans would be willing to share some level of personal health information if it would help organizations keep them and their coworkers safe in the reopening process.

Work-From-Home Tips to Stay Focussed, Inspired and Productive

By Ana Lara

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Working from home is becoming the norm. A Swiss study found that already over 70% of global employees work remotely at least once a week and 53% at least half the week. Remote work offers employees much greater flexibility in terms of location, and many experts predict that this trend towards working from home is set to continue.

Selling in the New Normal

By Sylvia Wong

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For anyone who’s part of a sales team, your job has probably got much harder recently. 

You’ve had to quickly adapt to remote working. You’ve had to pivot your aims from chasing new business. And you’re now selling to people who suddenly have a lot more to worry about than buying your products.

Selling From Home: How to Create a Strong Sales Culture That Drives Results

By Pilar Schenk

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McAfee, a Salesforce customer, wrote this article.

While the world battles a health crisis, it’s facing another imminent threat: cyberattacks.

Over the past few months, as many of us started working from home, the number of security threats have surged. Hackers capitalize on the vulnerabilities unveiled by the nearly overnight transition to remote work.