The Case for Sustainability in a Small Business (And why it makes better business too)

By Heather Foley

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Running a small company is a lot like spinning plates. You need to be responsible for ensuring monthly salaries are paid, creating opportunities for growth, keeping customers satisfied and ensuring your teams are happy too. Do you really have time to worry about the environment? Has the issue of sustainability taken rather a back seat?

The Lightning Experience

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Salesforce Lightning Experience has been with us for a while, and got extensive coverage in this blog- even including a quick introduction video by Mr. Roy Gilad. Nevertheless, it’s always great to learn more and as this blog’s purpose is to give you the best Salesforce tips and resources on a weekly basis, I’m constantly looking for interesting stuff to share with you.

Salesforce’s Products Strategy Day 2016: Key Announcements

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Salesforce has set its product strategy table for 2016, outlining a slew of new and upcoming products and revealing a new pricing structure for its Sales and Service cloud suites. There were seemingly dozens of announcements, which are summarized in a lengthy company press release here. In this post, I’ll outline what I saw as some of the most important takeaways for Salesforce customers and prospects.

Salesforce Surges as Large Revenue Deals Help Drive Growth

by Brian Womack

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Salesforce.com Inc. is targeting the biggest of customers to get big itself.
The company, once known for selling business productivity software to small- and medium-sized clients, is getting more traction with large companies while drawing closer to an annual sales goal of $10 billion. Salesforce said it landed the most large deals ever in a three-month period during the fiscal first quarter, including one worth at least $100 million. The company also Wednesday forecast revenue in the current quarter that topped analysts’ estimates, sending shares up as much as 6.6 percent in extended trading.