Have a Conversation With Your Data With Einstein Analytics

By Amruta Moktali

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At Salesforce, our Analytics team is empowering millions of Trailblazers with a complete set of analytics capabilities — from basic reports and dashboards, to line of business apps, to AI-powered predictions and explanations. And today, I’m excited to share we’re expanding the capabilities of our Einstein Analytics platform with Conversational Queries, further simplifying how business users interact with their data. Now, with Conversational Queries, users can type phrases related to their data — such as “show me top accounts by annual revenue” or “rank accounts decreasing by annual revenue and billing country” —  and instantly view answers in automatically configured dynamic charts.

3 Tips to Fast-Track Creating Reports & Dashboards: Part 2

By Marissa Herencia-White

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As a Sales Cloud Success Specialist, I work with customers every day to make sure they’re set up for success. What always stands out is how important data is to organizations, but how often this data isn’t being shared across the organization. That’s why my second tip for you today is how to automate this process across your organization.

3 Tips to Fast-Track Creating Reports and Dashboards: Part 1

By Marissa Herencia-White

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I’ve worked in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations for over 10 years. Whether assisting customers with technical support needs, working with sales teams to make sure customers are getting the right technology solutions, or simply working with remote communities so they can access quality education and medical care, being able to provide metrics on goals and outcomes is essential.

Lightning Adoption: It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

By Brooke Haynes

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As the CRM Manager with a team of amazing Salesforce admins, it’s our job at Dot Foods to make the business run as smoothly as possible — and that means handling a variety of challenges. Each day is different. As a company that takes pride in providing innovative solutions, we also want to continue to move our organization forward and allow Salesforce to run at top performance at all times.