Give Your Team More Time to Sell with Help from Your Salesforce Admin

By Rich Nazzaro

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How much time do your sales reps actually spend selling?

On average, sales reps only spend 10% of their time actively selling, according to a Proudfoot Consulting survey. Travel time, paperwork, and other duties suck up the majority of reps’ time. Combined with the massive amount of data and distractions that we all deal with — emails, texts, and calendars — your team probably isn’t spending as much time selling as you’d like.

Out of the Cells: Break Free of Spreadsheets with CRM

By Brandon Reynolds

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After looking at a spreadsheet for hours on end, those pages start to look kind of like prison bars, don’t they? The cells look like, well, cells. Spreadsheets have been a useful tool for managing information, but now, the amount of data available is too much to effectively navigate with the average spreadsheet — or, worse still, the notepad.