How Your Customers' Expectations Have Changed in the Age of the Customer

By Nick Johnson

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According to Forrester, we’re five years into the Age of the Customer, in which newly empowered customers place elevated expectations on every interaction they have with brands.

As disruptive companies leverage breakthroughs in cloud, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence technology to deliver personalized, valuable, and immediate experiences, customers have more choices than ever. As a result, they grow to expect this superior experience from any business they engage with.

5 Salesforce Tips for Small Business

By Sara Angeles

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When it comes customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce is king. It offers a ton of features and capabilities to help you acquire and retain customers, boost sales and manage contacts, but its complexity can also bog you down. Used correctly, however, Salesforce can be simple and easy to use for small businesses. Here are five Salesforce hacks to make your life easier.

Introducing New Einstein Platform Services for Building AI-Powered CRM Apps

By Richard Socher

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Today’s business users demand the same intelligent and predictive app experiences they are accustomed to in their personal lives. This has been part of the impetus for Salesforce Einstein, which brings advanced AI capabilities directly into the Salesforce Platform. Einstein not only makes many of our CRM apps smarter, it also arms developers with the tools to build their own custom, AI-powered CRM apps.

Salesforce marches steadily toward $10B run rate goal

by Ron Miller, Alex Wilhelm

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Salesforce is on a steady climb toward a $10 billion revenue run rate. And while it’s not quite there yet, its recent, nearly $2.4 billion quarter puts it squarely in the neighborhood.

According to the company’s CEO, Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s revenue growth results give it “the fastest growth of any top [five] enterprise software company.”

Quickly Identify and Clear Bottlenecks in Your Sales Process Using Sales Wave Analytics

By Bobby Brill

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According to a 2015 Harvard Business Review study, companies that define a formal Sales Process achieve an 18% higher revenue growth than companies that do not. However, simply defining a formal process is only as good as the sales reps that follow the process. Once a formal process is in place companies must invest time to ensure its being followed properly, and more importantly that it stays finely tuned.