AI for Customer Service: 4 Ways to Get Ahead of the Curve

By Salesforce UK

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Customer expectations have changed massively thanks to the internet. Instant gratification is simply expected as normal and it’s harder than ever for service to stand out. Meanwhile, significant growth in customer contact is also putting serious pressure on organisations to offer a prompt response. 

Introducing the Supercharged Sales Cloud Einstein: Predictions, Insights, and Productivity

By Adam Blitzer

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Ask any rep what their favorite part of the day is, and chances are that their answers won’t involve the words “logging” or “data.” Ask managers what they really want from their sales teams, and I bet you that they’ll ask for more visibility into what their reps are doing and for their reps to spend more time talking to customers, building relationships. As for sales operations? They probably would prefer if answering business questions didn’t involve four systems, two excel sheets, and a pivot table.