Salesforce Outage Highlights Why Backup is Critical

Luke Walker

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The impact of the recent Salesforce outage, which lasted 15 hours and 8 minutes, was widespread and severe – thousands of organizations were impacted and #salesforcedown was a top Twitter trend. Given that Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM provider, the aftershocks are yet to manifest themselves. All the more reason to do an insightful postmortem. What are the takeaways from Salesforce Outage? How can we better secure our organizations?

Salesforce International President Miguel Milano - Brexit prep is under control, but Europe's skills "catastrophe" needs an academic approach

By Stuart Lauchlan

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A catch-up with Salesforce's International President against a backdrop of Brexit, venture capital and Europe's skills "catastrophe".

Salesforce.com Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

D.M. Martins Research

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Salesforce.com delivered its 13th consecutive all-round beat, with impressive margin expansion helping to boost the bottom line.

Very importantly, the company's growth has been paced and largely predictable, a key tenet in my storm-resistant growth investment thesis.

Although valuation multiples continue to be rich, I believe CRM is worth owning at current levels due to best-in-class fundamentals.