Inside Salesforce.com's Customer Obsession: 10 Powerful Lessons From Marc Benioff

by Bob Evans

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CLOUD WARS: As Salesforce.com tops a $10-billion annualized-revenue run rate and aims for $20 billion by 2020, CEO Marc Benioff has become even more emphatic in stating that Salesforce's ongoing and often-breathtaking success is due primarily to the company-wide obsession with making its customers successful.

Salesforce is using AI to democratize SQL so anyone can query databases in natural language

by John Mannes

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SQL is about as easy as it gets in the world of programming, and yet its learning curve is still steep enough to prevent many people from interacting with relational databases. Salesforce’s AI research team took it upon itself to explore how machine learning might be able to open doors for those without knowledge of SQL.

How to Instantly Discover ANY Prospect’s Greatest Challenge

By Marc Wayshak

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Nothing motivates your prospects to buy quite like pain does. If your prospects are facing challenges that negatively impact their business, make it difficult to do their jobs well, or cost them lots of money—that’s the pain you want to discover and leverage.

If you can identify your prospects’ deepest pain-point and offer a solution to the problem, you’ll close more sales—and bigger sales—than ever before. Follow these 3 simple steps to instantly discover any prospect’s greatest challenge, so you can close far more sales: