The Simple Client Meeting Rules Every Salesperson Should Follow

By Laura Stack

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“Time stays long enough for those who use it.” — Leonardo da Vinci


Selling is all about time. The more you can save on routine tasks and processes, the more you can spend on managing your existing clients and prospecting for new ones.


To make sales, you must spend some quality time with your clients and prospects. When you finally get face to face with a client, you don’t want to rush out and defeat the purpose of being there. You also don’t want to waste time and drag the meeting on too long. You have no choice but to spend the time necessary to do a good, thorough job of convincing your clients and prospects that your solution is the one they need to solve their problem.


How to Optimize Channel Management With Partner Sales Data

By Mukund Ramaratnam

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According to CompTIA, estimates show upwards of two-thirds of IT products and services sold to U.S. businesses either flow through or are influenced by indirect channels, including a network of retailers, e-tailers, resellers and distributors. There is no question that these channel-driven companies must ensure that their partner management processes are optimized.

Today, data is being used to drive almost all key decisions, from refining such business processes to optimizing marketing campaigns. Channel sales are no exception. To do so, companies must have a system in place to capture and analyze relevant data about their business. Furthermore, companies need to make this data easily accessible by field sales and marketing via the cloud, and in their CRM tools or mobile devices.

A Salesforce exec who hires more than 8,000 people a year shares one question she asks every job candidate

By Rachel Gillett

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Small talk gets a bad rap, but it may be crucial to getting the job you want.

While some dismiss the practice as "idle talk," others argue that the mastery of small talk is a crucial skill to have because of its ability to bridge divides and make forced intimacies a little more bearable.

Salesforce Introduces Lightning Bolt, a New Framework that Empowers Companies to Accelerate the Creation of Communities, Next-Generation Portals and Customer-Facing Websites

By Salesforce

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Lightning Bolt combines the power and flexibility of Lightning Components, customer data and business logic from Salesforce CRM and the expertise of the Salesforce ecosystem

Leading partners--including Accenture, Cognizant and Deloitte--are building Salesforce Bolt solutions for industry-specific communities, portals and more, such as B2B e-commerce for manufacturing, PRM for high tech and franchise management for retail

New Lightning Bolt category on the AppExchange will allow thousands of partners in the Salesforce ecosystem to develop, market and sell Salesforce Bolt solutions

Why All Sales Prospects Aren’t Created Equal

By Mark Hunter

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Too many salespeople suffer from having to discount the price to close the sale. We can talk all we want about the need to create value for the customer, but if the salesperson still decides to cut the price, then clearly something is not right. To understand this problem, we need to go upstream and look at the start of the sales process.

Often, we can attribute the need to discount to the reality that we have bad prospects. Salespeople spend too much time trying to turn a bad lead into a great customer. All leads are not created equal, and all prospects don’t turn out to be customers.

Consider the following example: If you’re looking for someone to fix your car, you don’t call your dry cleaner. If you want someone to fix your car, you look for an auto mechanic. Likewise, if you want a certain type of customer, then that’s the type you need to be prospecting.