What do the Google, Salesforce analytics deals mean for CIOs?

by George Lawton

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In the past two months, the IT community has seen a spate of analytics acquisitions. In May, the BI platform company Sisense acquired analytics startup Periscope Data; on June 6, Google said it was acquiring Looker, the data analytics toolmaker, for $2.6 billion; a few days later Salesforce announced a deal to buy analytics platform Tableau for $15.7 billion -- the CRM company's largest acquisition to date. Data analytics market experts assure us that more deals like the Google and Salesforce acquisitions may be on the way.

Salesforce buys Salesforce.org: What that means for customers

by Rowena Lindsay

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Salesforce bought Salesforce.org, its spinoff serving as home to Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud and Philanthropy Cloud. While pricing questions may come with the transaction, customers we interviewed see the upside in getting new features added to their CRM that commercial Salesforce customers already get.