So, What is a Trailblazer?

By Colin Fleming

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You may have noticed a snazzy piece of fashion more and more people are sporting. It’s a soft, black, zip-up hooded sweater with the words ‘Trailblazer’ emblazoned on the front. If you see someone in a Trailblazer hoodie, you’re looking at a person who is a leader, a transformer, an innovator.
At Salesforce, we believe anyone can be a trailblazer -- developers, administrators, sales leaders, marketers, even CEOs.

3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Replace Sales Jobs

By Jeff Haden

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Worried that the rise of artificial intelligence technologies will make the role of the salesperson obsolete? Maybe you should be, but not if you focus on what really matters where sales, and customer relationships, are concerned. Embrace A.I. and you might find yourself becoming an even better salesperson.