AI holds mirror to humanity: Salesforce’s Richard Socher


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Artificial intelligence is nothing to be feared, according to Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher, who says the controversial technology is teaching us what it means to be human.

Speaking to The Australian on his first trip down under, Mr ­Socher, who founded AI start-up MetaMind before it was acquired by Salesforce in 2016, said his goal was to make deep-learning technology more accessible to everyone.

“I think artificial intelligence is in this really exciting space to the point where it’s almost philosophical,” Mr Socher said.

Customer-Facing AI Use Cases Abound across Sales, Service, and Marketing


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There’s no question that a smarter era powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is here. It seems everywhere you look, AI is in the spotlight. But there’s a general misconception that AI is limited to back office and other technical applications. While well-established and extremely valuable, back office tech is no longer the only AI opportunity, and customer-facing business units are chomping at the bit to apply it to their key functions, too.

A Powerful Spark: Combining Salesforce Lightning Bolt and Process Builder

By Phil Weinmeister,

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The engine of innovation that’s constantly revving within the physical and virtual walls at Salesforce has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry over the past decade. As rare as it is, the output of innovation from Salesforce is actually a reliable presence. They have innovated, they are innovating, and they will continue to innovate. We see new products, tools, and features primarily through the three behemoth triannual releases a years that come along in Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Salesforce claims you can set up customer service in Service Cloud update in less than a day

by Ron Miller

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alesforce announced an update to its Service Cloud today, which the company says enables non-technical administrators to build a customer service organization with connected services in less than a day.

That’s a bold claim, even for the marketing department, but the Service Cloud app builder has been built on top of the Salesforce Lightning development platform and designed to drag and drop components from Salesforce and third parties into the Service Cloud app building interface. This should allow users to add components like Facebook, email or Twitter integration with a proverbial “few clicks.”