Salesforce launches a trio of AI engagement and asset-tagging tools, debuts Commerce Page Designer

by Kyle Wiggers

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AI in sales segments isn’t a mere novelty — it’s fast becoming the norm. Roughly 87% of enterprise AI adopters say they’re using (or at least contemplating using) AI and machine learning for sales forecasts and to improve their email marketing. And according to real-time data warehouse company MemSQL, 61% of marketers believe AI is the most important element of their overall data strategy.

Salesforce adds customer data platform to CRM

By Anthony Spadafora

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At its annual Salesforce Connections conference, Salesforce unveiled its new Customer Data Platform (CDP) alongside the next generation of Customer 360.

The new platform services will allow companies to unify disparate customer data throughout their entire organization and then personalize every engagement based on a single view of the customer.