3 Strategies to Get Your Business Off the Cash-Flow Roller Coaster

By Josh Turner

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Landing new clients is exciting. So exciting, in fact, that many companies prioritize exceptional client service over generating new leads. Having worked for two companies that failed primarily due to a lack of new business, I’ve made it a huge focus in my company to never run out of leads.

Salesforce introduces several Einstein AI tools for third-party developers

by Ron Miller

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Salesforce launched three AI tools for developers today at the TrailheaDX developer conference. These algorithms, which fall under the new Einstein Platform Services, enable third-party developers to add Einstein intelligence to applications built on top of the Salesforce platform.

How To Build and Foster Long-Term Business Relationships

By Nick Kane

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Technology has changed the very landscape of business and human relationships. It has created a global economy and allowed us to communicate and trade faster than ever before. However, while technology and a global economy have allowed us to meet more people it has also made building long-lasting relationships with people that much more difficult. Building a solid rapport and eventually, a long-term relationship with someone takes a lot of work, and in this fast-paced environment, it can be challenging to create an atmosphere where an individual feels that they are truly valued and not just another sales lead. Regardless if you are working as an entry-level sales associate or a high-level account executive, building solid relationships is still valuable. Let's take a look at some ways you can build solid rapport and long-lasting relationships with individuals.

How Your Customers' Expectations Have Changed in the Age of the Customer

By Nick Johnson

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According to Forrester, we’re five years into the Age of the Customer, in which newly empowered customers place elevated expectations on every interaction they have with brands.

As disruptive companies leverage breakthroughs in cloud, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence technology to deliver personalized, valuable, and immediate experiences, customers have more choices than ever. As a result, they grow to expect this superior experience from any business they engage with.

5 Salesforce Tips for Small Business

By Sara Angeles

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When it comes customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce is king. It offers a ton of features and capabilities to help you acquire and retain customers, boost sales and manage contacts, but its complexity can also bog you down. Used correctly, however, Salesforce can be simple and easy to use for small businesses. Here are five Salesforce hacks to make your life easier.