Note to Inside Sales: Drop the Script — and Listen

By Tim Killenberg

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Inside Sales is on the forefront of the Cloud sales revolution. The old model for Inside Sales instituted best practices for lead qualification through carefully crafted call scripts. Business development representatives relied on one-size-fits-all scripts to identify the best leads, which they handed over to field representatives, who then spent months nurturing relationships toward conversions on six-figure licenses. For a long time, the Inside Sales script was viewed as a universal requirement of the lead qualification process that led to closed business.

Explaining Instagram’s Colossal Rise, and How Your Business Can Capitalize on it.

By Emily Stanford

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Early this week, Instagram announced that it has half a billion monthly active users. Of that 500 million (80% outside of the U.S.), 300 million log onto the app daily, sharing 95 million photos a day and tapping the “like” button 4 billion times daily.

These are massive numbers. But let’s put that into context. Twitter currently has 310 million monthly active users. Instagram gets to that number in about 30 hours. It’s interesting comparing Twitter and Instagram — Twitter has struggled to keep their user growth numbers from plateauing after initial buzz wore off, but in the past 2 years alone Instagram’s user base has doubled.

How to build your sales team around transformation, not only transactions

By Anne DelSanto

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It was a beautiful accident that out of college I stumbled into a sales engineering (SE) role. I’m an engineer. I love math. I love technology. As an intern at IBM, I was teamed up with an SE. Our goal was to get a seat at the executive table because it meant that we’d successfully demonstrated that we cared about the business and had made discoveries that had tremendous value. We went to customer after customer and helped them solve their problems with technology.