5 Fast Ways to Take Consumer Experiences Beyond Transactions

By Anna Rosenman

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Many companies are daunted by the idea of building a richer digital experience for consumers right now. Those with limited infrastructure or resources can consider using no-code and low-code tools to create experiences that go beyond the transaction. These tools require little or no help from a developer, making them compatible with working from home. You can use them to create digital experiences that go deeper than transaction basics, like payment processing and order fulfillment. You engage customers in ways that add value to your brand.

Q1 Shopping Index: 3 New Benchmarks for Brands and Retailers to Succeed in This New Normal

By Caila Schwartz

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In the absence of most brick and mortar stores, online commerce grew 20% year-over-year in Q1, well above digital growth seen during the holiday shopping season. Much of this growth was due in part to an increased demand for essential goods on digital channels. Online purchases for essential items grew by 200% between the beginning and end of March. Despite this success for digital commerce, we still face a stark reality. All aspects of the global economy are upended. From demand, supply chain, to the retail business model itself, nothing is the same. Shoppers are adjusting to the realities of a world dominated by digital, and brands and retailers are racing to serve their customers throughout all these changes.