How to Make Work-Life Balance a Reality in the Sales Industry

By Robyn Melhuish

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Sales reps notoriously work long hours. They’re always traveling, on call, and meeting with customers after regular business hours. They’re dedicated, and they love their jobs.

In fact, a survey of medical sales representatives conducted by my employer, MedReps, found that 72 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. Yet, while they love their work, they hate their work-life balance. In the survey, reps rated work-life balance among the five worst things about their job.

With pressure from employers and the constant call of tech, is better work-life balance really possible for sales reps? The answer is yes -- but it doesn’t look like balance found in other professions. Here are a few ways to make personal and professional lives work together in sales:

Creative Data Visualization: Embracing the “See” Change

By Chuck Corbin

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Data visualization is a hot topic. Companies now see the value in taking data beyond complex reports and endless reams of statistics to deliver clear, concise and actionable visualizations that effectively communicate the concept under discussion. It's a win-win for IT and C-suites alike: Funding for further analytics efforts is often greenlit with the right messaging, while executives get the benefit of straightforward, easily consumed data points used for both strategic decision making and to answer critical stakeholder questions.

Yet there's a caveat: Tossing data on a graphic doesn't automatically equal accolades and action. Companies need to get creative; here's a look at how your business can effectively embrace the emerging “see” change.

Research Shows Customer Loyalty Hangs in the Balance: "State of the Connected Customer" Report

By Devon McGinnis

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With unprecedented access to technology, data, and choices, consumers are in control like never before, according to a new report released from Salesforce Research.

Out today, the “State of the Connected Customer” report surveyed more than 7,000 consumers and business buyers to understand how the connected world is creating a smarter, more empowered customer. As ubiquitous mobile devices and permanent connections to social platforms allow customers to control their own buying journeys, innovation has become the status quo. Fifty-seven percent of consumers surveyed agree that it’s very important for the companies they buy from to be innovative. But innovation alone is not enough. Companies need to lean into intelligence, analytics, and other technologies to create more personalized customer experiences — because their customers' loyalty depends on it.


How to "Uberize" Your Business

By Shahar Banay

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Since digital innovations have begun to deliver higher standards of customer service in some areas, consumers’ expectations have been raised across the board. Uber, in particular, has raised the bar for customer experience by delivering quick, reliable, on-demand services that are cheaper than the competition.

As consumers, we now want the same level of service when booking a doctor’s appointment, organizing internet service, finding a repairman to fix a broken washing machine, or even simply ordering a pizza.

What does this mean to deliver excellent field service? The service provider shows up on time, at the right location, they have the right skills, the right tools, and the right information to get the job done the first time.

You're Not a Special Snowflake: 5 Reasons Why You Should Really Be Using Standard Objects

By Jon Aniano

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I’ve been doing this a long time.

I started my Salesforce career as one of the first AppExchange partners in 2006. I joined Salesforce in 2010 and have spent the last 6 years in product management in the Service Cloud.

 My best experiences here at Salesforce have been helping customers and SI partners achieve success with Salesforce products, and helping ISV partners build and launch great apps to complement our core products. I have a passion for great Salesforce implementations that create value for businesses and make heroes out of Salesforce professionals.