6 Things Every Blog Needs to Convert Leads into Customers

Dan Steiner

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Although many consumers have moved from blogging to social media, the format is still widely popular with businesses. In fact, most experts stress the many benefits of business blogging, including building thought leadership and improving SEO.

Setting up and maintaining a blog takes time and resources, two things that many growing businesses have in limited amounts. To make the most of your work, it’s important that your blog posts are carefully planned from the start. Here are a few things your blog needs to turn readers into paying customers.

Blog with a Goal

Instead of blindly posting content on your blog, experts advise businesses to set a goal and work toward it. You may simply want to create interesting content that will keep customers coming back. If you’re service based, you could realize the benefits of building thought leadership, which encourages customers to contact you when they need services like yours. It may feel as though you’re giving your expertise away for free, but you’ll actually find it draws customers to you, especially if your posts are so interesting, readers share them with others.

11 Solutions for Simplifying Your Business Today

By Lisa Bodell

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A recent HBR survey estimates that American organizations spend 15% of their time in meetings. McKinsey reports that 28% is eaten up by email, and Salesforce suggests that admin tasks and reports comprise another 20%. Whether you’re a senior leader or a junior exec, your workdays most likely revolve around meetings, emails, and reports. With more than three-quarters of our workplace time devoured by those activities, where’s the time for work that actually matters?

#DF16 for Small and Medium Businesses: The View from the Top

By Laura Norman

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Dreamforce 2016 has ended and — whew — what a climb. The Small & Medium Business Trail took trailblazers on an awesome journey via phenomenal sessions, inspirational speakers, and 1:1 help. Missed some of the learning, or just want to hike it again? Read on for our favorite tidbits from the SMB keynote and beyond.

    Dreaming in Concrete and Einstein’s Lunch

    By Stephen Cummins

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    Salesforce will not buy Twitter despite media reports

    Passing by Yerba Buena in downtown San Francisco on my way to Dreamforce yesterday morning I noticed a plaque with a poem titled “Dare we Dream in Concrete?” I stopped and looked around to reflect upon the enormous entity this little startup I joined in March 2003 had become. The remaining follicles of my shaved head pushed upwards as a wave of adrenaline, memories and Salesforce aficionados whooshed by from all directions. An army of people raced to the various buildings Salesforce has commandeered for its incredible ecosystem. I imagined another figure walking by. A giant. His borrowed name is Einstein. He’s hungry for datasets to query the nature of things, question his theories and feed his hunger for deep learning. He has his eye on a mountainous bluebird for lunch. But the bird is a just a little too big for his belly at this moment in time. He wisely decides to pass by and save his appetite for later.