8 Tips for Aligning Sales and Service

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Today, businesses have a wealth of terrific choices when it comes to applications and platforms for both sales and service, including commercial products from software vendors, as well as applications that have been built in-house. Many businesses have tackled optimizing their sales process with cloud software at one point in time, and the tools for the customer support department at another. The result? Silos in process and technology that often create disconnected customer experiences because businesses lack the 360-degree view they need of each individual customer to deliver the kind of experience that customers expect.


Salesforce in 2017: Predictions for the Future

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As 2017 inches closer, we look back on the amazing advantages surrounding the Salesforce community in 2016. Salesforce dominated the past year with incredible events, new products and 9 new business acquisitions. The big question is, "what’s next?" We decided to ask the experts for their 2017 Salesforce predictions, and this is what they had to say