AI for Customer Service: 4 Ways to Get Ahead of the Curve


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Customer expectations have changed massively thanks to the internet. Instant gratification is simply expected as normal and it’s harder than ever for service to stand out. Meanwhile, significant growth in customer contact is also putting serious pressure on organisations to offer a prompt response. 

Salesforce adds integrated order management system to its arsenal

by Ron Miller

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Salesforce certainly has a lot of tools crossing the sales, service and marketing categories, but until today when it announced Lightning Order Management, it lacked an integration layer that allowed companies to work across these systems to manage orders in a seamless way.

Digital wave and values-based business are driving Salesforce’s growth, CEO says

Tyler Clifford

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Modern corporations have shifted focus to partner with companies that are value-focused, Salesforce’s Keith Block said on CNBC Thursday.

That’s why Salesforce joined about 200 other businesses to proclaim that pleasing shareholders is no longer their main goal, Block said. The co-CEO was responding to a question from Jim Cramer about how the company is having an “Impact Per Share” — what companies are doing to promote eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.